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  • Gender Dynamics in Elite Political Contexts: Evidence from Supreme Court Oral Arguments. (with Ryan D. Enos and Maya Sen)
  • Using the Audio from Telephone Surveys for Political Science Research. (with Jeff Mondak)
  • Estimating the Duplicate Voting Rate in the United States. (with Matthew A. Baum, Ryan Enos, David Lazer, Margaret Schwenzfeier, and Maya Sen)
  • Do Oral Arguments Influence the Language of Majority Opinions? (with Maya Sen)
  • You've Got to Know When to Fold Them: Reassessing Bluffing, Resolve, and Reputation in Politics. (with Matthew A. Baum and Phil Potter)
  • Race, Deliberation, and Voter Identification Laws. (with Matt Hayes)
  • Do Legislators Emphasize Some Groups More Than Others? (with Diana Z. O'Brien and Jielu Yao)